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EWB@MSU travel teams spend at least one month of the year in Khwisero, Kenya implementing projects, assessing for future projects, interacting with the primary school communities, and building connections. The remaining months of the year are spent preparing, planning, training, researching, and learning so that our travelers are equipped for the tasks in Khwisero. 

As a student-run organization, all of EWB@MSU's efforts are driven by our student leaders. Work team management, design work, project paperwork (or "paperfun" as we call it), and fundraising are all organized and executed by our incredible members.

Outside of the regular meeting times, EWB@MSU stays active. The members participate in community outreach programs such as water quality demonstrations at Catapalooza, Engineer-a-Thon, and Sustainabilibash. EWB@MSU cultivates leaders, because our organization depends on great leaders driving us toward our mission and keeping morale high, even when midterms are just around the corner.

Leadership Roles

EWB@MSU has a variety of leadership roles. We elect the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Board Members. Working Group leads choose their seccessors. And, Travel Team leads are chosen by the travel working group.

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