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The average borehole well and handpump costs $20,000.

It costs $1,200 to mobilize and set up a drill rig on site.

It costs $150 per meter to drill a borehole. (The average borehole is 60-160 meters deep.)

A handpump costs $1,300.

Borehole Wells

The average rainwater catchment system costs $14,000.


Starting in 2017, all schools recieving a project will be required to provide a community

cash contribution equivalent to 10% of the total project costs. 

Donate Now

Each year EWB@MSU implements 2-3 new projects and sends roughly 25 travelers to Kenya. 

YOUR donation can help us accomplish our goals and help bring clean water and sanitation to primary schools in Kenya!

Scroll down to get an idea of what your donation could help fund.

The average 6 hole composting latrine costs $12,000.

It costs $250 to install a handwashing station outside the latrine.

All of the bricks and cement cost $800.

It costs $200 to paint the latrine.

The average plane ticket to Kenya costs $2,000. 

Each team consists of 1 professional mentor, 1 student project manager, and 2-5 first time travelers. 

Your donation changes the world!

Every donation, big or small, helps us build these projects BRICK BY BRICK.

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